Stephanie White

I have been enamored by history, architecture, and the outdoors since childhood.  I loved the ever popular television show Little House on the Prairie.  My sisters and I would play “Pioneers” where we would run to the stream to fetch water, tie the bucket to the climbing rope, and hoist it up to our tree-house.  I would pretend to be Leif Erikson discovering my backyard for the first time, bringing along “climbing gear” and wearing my bubblegum pink high-top Chuck Taylor’s as hiking boots.  I had a vivid imagination that was fueled by the middle class life I lead in Metro Detroit.  As one might assume, Detroit and its surrounding cities has no shortage of National Historic Landmarks and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.  Luckily for me, my mother would take us to many of these places on a regular basis and I have no doubt that this further ingrained my love of such things.

In more recent years I have:

  • become a Master of Architecture with a concentration in Sustainability and Historic Preservation.
  • interned with the National Park Service at Mount Rainier National Park as well as at the Cranbrook Educational Community Archives.
  • volunteered with the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), the Michigan Barn Preservation Network, and the Timber Framer’s Guild.
  • written articles for Mount Rainier National Park, the Michigan Barn Preservation Network, and Cranbrook.
  • managed databases for Cranbrook and the Virginia SHPO.
  • worked as Newsletter Editor for the Michigan Barn Preservation Network.
  • given a new life to historic buildings as Architectural Intern; measuring sometimes enormous buildings and warehouses and drafting construction document sets for their rehabilitation into loft multi-family residential and mixed use buildings.

Through these experiences I have developed a great understanding and appreciation for historic structures and the care it takes to maintain them according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.

For more about me, see this post.

Thank you for your interest,

Stephanie White



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